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Why Liquid

FBC Industries, Inc. is dedicated to quality in everything that we do.  That means that you can count on FBC Industries, Inc. to:

  • Provide a “safety first” work environment
  • Be ethical and honest in all of our business transactions
  • Be professional and credible in our business and community relationships
  • Display unwavering dedication to our mission with passion for achievement

Work as a results oriented, proactive, cross-functional team

Liquid Is The Solution

Convenient to Use – Manufactured, ready to use concentrates customized to your needs.

Improved Quality/Consistency – Manufactured under SQC & cGMP Guidelines, no operator batching, eliminates precipitation.

Better Taste & Odor – Proprietary process eliminates most impurities.

Improved Efficiency/Effectiveness – Liquid additives disperse more quickly than dry, product is more homogeneous.

Reduced Storage/Handling/Improved Safety – Tanks need less storage space, no manual handling reduces risk for worker injuries and lessens hazards.

Improved Industrial Hygiene – No dusting effect, eliminates need for protective equipment and expensive control systems.

Recyclable Containers – Totes are recycled, no bags for landfills.

The Benefits are Clear…

  • Enhanced Efficiencies
  • Reduced Energy Cost
  • Improved Consistencies
  • Lower Labor Cost
  • Safer Handling Process
  • Cleaner Environment
  • Customized Formulas