People today are more concerned about the quality of their foods than ever before – and that means the food handling and production industry has to keep up!  With many buyers skeptical of the food additives and preservatives in their meals, it’s vital that the industry be able to say, with honesty, that the foods they produce are entirely safe.

That’s why so many companies around the world choose to partner with FBC Industries for their food additives.  We have a long history of producing safe additives and take extra steps to ensure our products are both entirely pure and easy to work with.  Here’s how we do it.

How FBC Creates Better Food Additives and Preservatives 

  1. A focus on safety and transparency

Great products begin with a great business environment.  We proudly utilize a “safety first” mentality in all our production facilities, looking to protect our workforce at every opportunity.  This doesn’t only protect them – it also protects our batches from accident or contamination.  Also, we are open and transparent in both our safety procedures, and our dealings with other companies.

We work to inspire trust, rather than demanding it.

  1. Extensive testing and monitoring

We have a food safety program which is fully compliant with the Food & Drug Administration’s Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) procedures, developed specifically to prevent the contamination of food products.  We keep close eye on all our critical control points, monitoring and testing for contamination at every step, while documenting any particular hazards.  If there is any doubt, we toss the batch to ensure every product we sell is safe.

When you buy American, you know the suppliers and supply lines can be held accountable.

  1. Liquid additives make for better end products

Beyond our stringent health and safety commitments, one other thing helps us stand out among other companies producing food additives and preservatives – all our products are liquid.  Liquid additives are easier to use and work with, helping our customers achieve a greater level of consistency in their products.  At the same time, liquids are easier to produce in a safe and sanitary manner.  It’s a win-win situation.

See Our Quality for Yourself

We don’t simply make these claims – we stand by them.  If you are part of a food production or processing operation and would like to test our products for quality and purity, contact us to request free samples.