If you’ve recently begun in the commercial food industry, you may have heard a lot about sodium benzoate but are still unsure of exactly what it does. It may surprise you, but sodium benzoate is actually an integral part of commercial food production, adding flavor at times and keeping products in great shape for consumers.

As one of the leading food additives and preservatives providers, the professionals from FBC Industries has outfitted a host of their clients with sodium benzoate products. Here, they’ve collected some insight into how it’s used, so let’s take a look.

Food Preservation

Sodium benzoate helps preserve food by balancing the pH level at the cellular level. Its anti-fungal properties also prevent harmful bacteria from invading food products and making consumers sick. By balancing and lowering pH levels, sodium benzoate increases acidity and eliminates environments in which fungal activity will thrive.

Acid Food Flavor Enhancement

It might seem unlikely, but some foods will actually taste much better with enhanced acidity. Sodium benzoate is often added to foods that are already acidic to enhance their flavor. Often these are foods such as pickles, sauces, jams, and juices, as well as things that contain high levels of vinegar.

Soft Drink Flavor Enhancement

One of the most common uses for sodium benzoate in the commercial food industry is as an additive to soft drinks. The compound increases their flavor by enhancing the taste of the high-fructose corn syrup often present in such drinks. It also increases the acidity and intensifies the flavor of carbonated soft drinks.

Other Uses for Sodium Benzoate

In addition to its uses throughout the commercial food industry, sodium benzoate is also used as an ingredient for a variety of other purposes, everything from alcohol-based mouthwashes to the component in fireworks that creates their signature whistling sound. It’s also used to prevent fermentation in wines and as a pet food ingredient, although only in very small doses. Much like its used to keep food from spoiling, sodium benzoate is also an ingredient in skin creams and cosmetics, keeping them fresh for use.

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