Dipotassium phosphate (DKP), along with other phosphates, are not as well-known as some other food additives, but they are vital to the production of a wide range of dairy products – particularly cheeses.  Dipotassium phosphate is safe to consume, can be kosher or halal, and found in numerous products around the globe.

How does DKP improve dairy products?  Here are just a few examples.

Four Ways Phosphates Make for Better Dairy Products

  1. As an anti-coagulant

DKP and other phosphates are among the best anti-coagulants available when dealing with dairy products.  They help prevent separation of fats and oils, maintaining product viability on shelves for much longer.

In fact, you will also find DKP in non-dairy creamer products as well.  It is what helps them maintain their cream-like consistency even after months on the shelf.  In addition, it shields these products against the “shock” of being suddenly introduced to hot/acidic coffee when used.

  1. Creating processed cheeses

DKP is excellent in helping break down the cheese casein network, turning regular cheese into smooth and creamy processed cheeses.  In particular, it can be found in nearly any processed cheese intended to be soft and spreadable, helping to maintain that particular consistency in the refrigerator without separation, clumping, or hardening.  However, there are also uses in creating more stable processed cheese “bricks” as well.

  1. Acidity control

Phosphates are also common in the process of making cheeses.  Maintaining pH balance is critical in cheese-making, as even minor variations can throw off a batch – either ruining it or degrading the consistency of the product.  So, DKP ensures the proteins within the milk remain stable, leading to better quality control of cheese batches.

  1. Stabilizing bottled milk

Almost any form of pasteurized milk in a grocery will have some sort of phosphate involved.  Along similar lines discussed above, phosphates help maintain the quality of the product, prevent clumping, control acid, and extend shelf life.  This is also true for processed milk products, such as chocolate milk, as well as for shelf-stabilized UHT milk products.

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