Dipotassium phosphate is a food additive, one which has been repeatedly ruled safe by the United States Food and Drug Administration, as well as numerous similar bodies around the world.  As the name would suggest, it is created through the chemical fusion of potassium and phosphate, creating a salt that is stable at room temperature and dissolves readily in water.

Dipotassium phosphate (occasionally abbreviated to DKP) is not as common or as versatile as some other additives, but still sees use in several major areas of food and drink production.

Five Common Uses for Dipotassium Phosphate in Food and Drink

  1. As a buffering agent

DKP has relatively little flavor and is therefore sometimes used as a buffering agent in powdered foods – or medicines.  For example, it’s commonly seen in a lot of food powders to add a safe relatively inert material.

  1. As an anti-coagulation agent

DKP is good at preventing coagulation in liquids which might otherwise separate while in transit, or on the shelf.  One significant application, in this case, is non-dairy liquid creamers, where it maintains the creamy texture of the product across a long shelf life.

  1. As an antioxidant

Dipotassium phosphate is one of numerous preservatives with antioxidant properties and can be found in numerous food products because of that.

  1. As an anti-acid agent

DKP can be used in numerous dairy products, particularly cheeses, as a way of lowering their acid content.  In some cases, it may also lower sodium levels as well, and is common in low-sodium cheese.

  1. As a health supplement

Perhaps the biggest single market for DKP is the health supplement market, where it is sold as a product that consumers can add to their own foods.  As an excellent and safe source of both potassium and phosphates, it’s particularly popular among bodybuilders and other athletes.

Along with this, it’s seen in many protein drinks, as it can serve as both a preservative as well as a source of potassium and phosphates.  It is also believed to be beneficial in reducing muscle pain after workouts, as well as improvements in the transportation of oxygen around the body.

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