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How the World Benefits from Food Additives and Preservatives

In recent years, there has been a “back to basics” movement within food culture, with movements promoting matters such as organic growing or raw food consumption.  While there is nothing wrong with these movements in and of themselves, some have begun to take the matter too far by attacking all food additives and preservatives, without differentiation. (more…)

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A Quick Guide to Citric Acid

Today, citric acid is one of the most common preservatives used around the world, likely only surpassed by salt.  Citric acid is all-natural, entirely harmless to humans even when ingested in large quantities, and even has a pleasant taste when added to many dishes.  There’s little wonder why so many food and beverage companies turn to it, when they need a preservative for their products. (more…)

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Common Uses of Sodium Benzoate

If you’ve recently begun in the commercial food industry, you may have heard a lot about sodium benzoate but are still unsure of exactly what it does. It may surprise you, but sodium benzoate is actually an integral part of commercial food production, adding flavor at times and keeping products in great shape for consumers. (more…)

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Common Uses for Food Additives & Preservatives

It might not seem like it, but the majority of consumer food products contain a wide range of different additives and preservatives. These components are designed to both enhance certain flavors, as well as prevent the food from premature spoilage. Many preservatives also actively combat the growth of certain bacteria. (more…)

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Welcome to the New Online Home of FBC Industries, Inc.

As FBC Industries, Inc. grows, we want to welcome new and existing customers to our world.  We provide the highest quality liquid additives for our customers and we want to share our story with everyone.  At FBC Industries, Inc. our quality products are Made in America, easy to use and GFSI certified.  Please look around our website and get to know us.  Please contact us with any question at 888 322 4637 or “click here” to get more information.

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