It might not seem like it, but the majority of consumer food products contain a wide range of different additives and preservatives. These components are designed to both enhance certain flavors, as well as prevent the food from premature spoilage. Many preservatives also actively combat the growth of certain bacteria.

As one of the leading food additives and preservatives providers, FBC Industries has helped hundreds of clients create consumer food products of the highest quality with the ingredients we offer. Below, we’ve collected a little more information about their uses and benefits.

Flavor Enhancement

One of the primary uses of food additives and preservatives is to enhance the existing flavor of different foods or products. Additives such as artificial sweeteners and sodium benzoate can be used to boost the flavor of our favorite carbonated drinks or juices. Mineral salts can enhance the texture and flavor of certain dishes and foaming agents help ensure that every time you pop the top on your favorite soft drink, it has that rich foamy consistency you’ve come to love.

Food Preservation

Another important component of additives and preservatives is to prevent premature spoilage in consumer food products. There are a host of different compounds used to this end, such as antioxidants, which prevent food from oxidizing or going rancid. Different types of benzoates are used to prevent mold and bacteria growth, in particular, potassium and sodium benzoate.

For meat and poultry products, a variety of liquid additives or preservatives are employed to extend the shelf life of certain products, in addition to increasing consumer food safety. One of the most commonly used compounds in this regard is potassium lactate, which inhibits spoilage and pathogenic bacteria and also provides overall protection from microbial bacteria.

Enhanced Consistency & Appearance

Another popular use of food additives and preservatives is to help our favorite food products maintain their appealing appearance. Compounds like anti-caking agents stop ingredients from being lumpy and flour treatment additives improve baking quality. There are also glazing and gelling agents that can both protect food, in addition to altering its texture and appearance. Other additives can even increase the volume of different food products without altering its composition.

FBC Industries carries all the leading food additives and preservatives

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