The best food additives and preservatives don’t merely extend a product’s shelf life – they actually help improve the product and bring more enjoyment to the consumer.  Calcium chloride is an excellent example of this.  Calcium chloride is a common salt, one deemed extremely safe, particularly in the concentrations commonly seen in food products.  Due to this, it’s widely used and brings benefits to many different types of products.

Broadly speaking, it brings two main benefits: food strengthening and salty flavor.  These have numerous practical applications in the food and beverage industry!

Five Products Which Are Improved Through the Addition of Calcium Chloride

  1. Bread 

One of the most common uses of calcium chloride is an additive to bread dough.  It has the effect of strengthening the dough, as well as encouraging it to rise.  This is effective for prepackaged dough, as well as bread sold in stores.

  1. Cheese

Calcium chloride is often used as an additive in the cheesemaking process, particularly when the cheese-maker is using pasteurized milk.  The pasteurization process breaks down the calcium naturally in milk, along with its other beneficial effects, which inhibits curd formation.  Calcium chloride can restore this lost calcium.

  1. Pickles (and other salty preserved foods)

Calcium chloride has a very notable salty taste, which does limit its use in mild foods.  However, it is an excellent preservative for pickles and similar products which are already salty.  Better yet, it adds salt flavor without adding sodium – making it a good alternative for creating heart-healthy foods.

  1. Sports drinks

Calcium chloride also functions as an electrolyte and is therefore very commonly added to sports drinks and other “isotonic” drinks.  It is usually responsible for the salty flavor attributed to such drinks.

  1. Canned foods

In general, calcium chloride works as a strengthening agent and is effective at preventing foods from breaking down over time.  It is widely found in canned fruits and vegetables, helping them preserve their original texture.  It may also be sprayed onto sliced apples, and similar fruit, to inhibit their breakdown.

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